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This weekend, spent a little time going over some gear. While talkin with Martin about our set up for the Apr. fishin trip, we went over some swivel and wind on leader gear.
Martin hasnt fooled too much with it, so I got him started with one 300 lb set up for one of his reels. (300 lb STS custom leader, 300lb Momoi Hi-catch snap lock swivel, thimble and some crimps, etc..)

He wanted some more info, so I pulled up what I had and mailed it to him. Doing so, thought I'd share the links, as i know alot of us are probably doing the same thing to gear up to head back out.

Anyway,, here's some good info and reading.

Wind on Leaders can save lives (NC experienced wire man pulled under by marlin at Big Rock)
Making Wind On Leaders For Big Game Fishing

How to make a wind on leader:
A Wind On Leader That Anyone can Make

Loop to loop (leader to mainline connection)
Loop to Loop Connection :: BHP Tackle

Momoi leaders
Momoi Wind On Leaders at Anglers Center

In my opinion, here's the best swivel/clip you can buy, these things are fantastic and wont break, split or stretch like others I've tried:

Though I do like the Momoi wind on leaders, I also use STS Custom Tackle leaders. They're no nonsense and work great. Built very well and they have probably one of the best prices too for handmade leaders ($9 for single 20-25 ft 300 lb rig's, that's not a bad deal at all for a custom leader)
STS Custom Tackle
Offshore Trolling Lures by STS Custom Tackle
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