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Wanted to do some longlining so headed down to Jordan with all three of my kids. With the girls clogging so much it has been a while since they have joined us. Looked foggy as we approached the lake on 64, but it turned out to be pollen blowing everywhere. The water was green topped with pollen floating everywhere. Got to the lake and was fishing by about 7:45 or so and hit the first creek making one good run up it and by the time we were 1/2 way back out the wind was getting very rough. Finished that run with 53 on the clicker and headed to another creek to try and get out of the wind. Fished in there till about 1:00 and had a total of 108 on the clicker with 56 over 10" going home for a fish fry with some of the church folks after church tomorrow. Only fished 1/2 a day today with the wind getting up so bad, and very pleased with the results given the conditions. Biggest fish probably about 13".
Take a kid outdoors!
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