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Decided tomorrow I will work on respooling all my crappie rods as well as one of my bass reels plus tie on some new leaders on my braided lines. I will also work on reorganizing my tackle boxes in the back of the SUV as well as tune up and cleaning all the reels as well. Figured might make good use of the bad weather.

I really tried to bring warm Hawaiian air back with me but the folks at the TSA do not allow anything more than I could fit in a one quart bag. I let it out at the lake today and enough ice melted for me to be able to put in some fishing time. I tried cranks, spinner, worms and jerkbbait. All I accomplished was losing one of jerk baits I didn't notice the small kink in my line that ended up breaking on a cast I am guessing some of the ice I bumped earlier when cranking had dinged the line badly. Oh well maybe it will float to a spot I can stumble across it as I have done with a lipped crank in the past.

forecast for next week ain't very good either so may do a little more crappie stalking versus bass in the upcoming days.

The good news is the lake was socked I. Pretty much when I arrived and much of it melted from1 till 5 pm but I am sure the snow and temps near teens will likely get some more ice cover on it again.
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