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On Friday the 21st of September, members of the Military Appreciation Day web-site had the honor and privilege of taking some of the Wounded Warriors from Camp LeJeune MCB out for a day of deep sea fishing aboard the head boat Continental Shelf. The boat left the dock in Morehead at 5:30am heading out to showers and rough seas. Unfortunately because of the weather and physical limitations the number of Warriors able to go was less than desired. So, with 20 or so Warriors and numerous volunteers they pushed on for a great day of fishing and cameraderie. The liquid cameraderie and sea conditions led to much chumming ;).

The tired fishermen returned to the dock at 5:00pm with many stories to tell and some good catches. One lucky angler caught a citation red snapper of 27 lbs. The anglers were met at the dock by approximately 20 web-site members who escorted them on a short walk down the waterfront to a pig-pickin' in their honor. The event included a rocking good Military band from Cherry Point MCAS that provided music for everyone's enjoyment. Awards of hats, t-shirts and pier passes were provided to some of the lucky anglers. The angler of the biggest fish also received a cash award, generously donated by a web-site member. Goodie bags were provided to all Military members in attendance including the members of the band. At the end of the day the Warriors returned to their barracks with food, beverages, fish and the respect, gratitude and appreciation of all in attendence for their service and sacrifice for our Country.

Thank you again to those who serve and to all those who generously donated time, items and money to make this day a possibility. For more information or to become a part of future events please go to the website Military Appreciation Day - Home


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Wow - very nice! Looks like you guys did a super job of showing a glint of our appreciation for their sacrifice for our country. Thank you Speckhunter and all the other volunteers who made this possible. It is easy to see by the smiles on their faces how much the Marines appreciated it as well.
Way to go guys. Please let me know when the next Wounded Warrior trip is planned. I'd like to contribute some t-shirts, hats, and other items for the event from our eStore.

And WOW! that's a great red snapper. :)
Good job guys! Thanks Speckhunter for the report also. We can't repay these guys for what they have been thru, but we can show that we appreciate them. It's a shame the weather was rough. But hey....these guys are tough and the ones that were out there were probably glad they toughed it out. I'm sure whoever caught that big red sow was glad he toughed it out!!! That sure looked like it was worth all the chumming it took to get it.
This day for the WWs was due to the fact that when we did MAD2 in May they were unable to attend. I and several others have taken many of the WWs out individually. Unfortunately, I have not been able to fish the last several months but will soon start taking them out again. As for our next Military Appreciation Day I believe that I am ok in saying that it will be June 7, 2008. We would appreciation any donations from you, the web-site or the membrs. I did not specifically give the web-site name for MAD, may I?
Yes please do.
I did not specifically give the web-site name for MAD, may I?
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Some more pictures of the event.


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I can't take credit for the planning or organization. I am just a volunteer that shows up to help. The real credit goes to Dan Smith, Richard Anderson and Steve(?). They are members of this site and if you all want to thank some one it is them who have done it all. They are danthebodyman, squidrow and hotspot.
Very nicely done! Thanx for the post!

Man... what a SNAPPAH!!!! in that one pick! That thing's HUGE!!!

God Bless them all and my salute for their service! ;)
Speck had one of the most important jobs, don't let his modesty fool you. He was in charge of getting sandwiches for the entire boat and many give away items as well. Not only did he have enough hats, pier passes and gifts to give out, but he also arranged 100 + subs !

The trip yesterday was a lot of fun. From a fishing perspective it was a little tough, but that had to do with the weather. 5-7 foot seas all day, occassionally some bigger. Thunder, lightning, pouring rain most of the day although it did lay down for the ride home.

Big fish was a BIG FISH! 27 lb Red Snapper.
Here are some pics but there will be a few hundred posted in the photo albums of the MAD site..

27 lbs, 39 inches

Not the greatest of weather

Our guests for the day, USMC Camp Lejeune Wounded Warriors!

What a great way to end a wonderful day on the water with some of the finest people I will ever have the privilege of meeting!
Now that the third MAD event is in the books, folks keep an eye out as we have announced the date for the fourth MAD event!
June 7, 2008 at USCG Fort Macon will be MAD 2008
PLUS.... sometime in late summer or fall, will be a MAD event at USCG Station Oak Island but the specific date and details are still being worked out.
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Speck, Thanks for starting this thread and posting the pix as well as your efforts collecting food for the boat and your prize donations.

The young man in the forground in the gray shirt and white ball cap was awarded a Purple Heart for his injuries and was wearing it at the cookout. He had some interesting stories and to a man they all said they loved what they do. The band was just re-formed about a month ago but you could never tell it the way they played. Some of the old members were deployed and the slots were filled by returning Marines. They sounded great to these old tin ears as well as a lot of the occupants in the Seniors Condo across the street. They were out on the balconies and loving it.

One simple thanks.
Thanks to Squidrow, Speckhunter and everyone else that helped put on that event as well as MAD!

Great pictures too.
Its nice to know that there are people out there that support us and what we do. Thanks you to all that helped out and brought those guys fishing or helped with the function.
You humble me brother. I am truly honored to be associated with you, Dan, Steve, Rodney and especially John McDow. To those of you who don't know him John goes by the name of MidnightWind on most boards and he donated $1500 out of his pocket at the last minute to make Friday happen. John also routinely takes military out on his boat fishing for kings and other ocean species. John also has a special young fishing buddy name of Bowen that he met through another fishing board.
It was unfortunate that Midnight could not make it, we had a very special surprise for him at the cookout. Now I will have to find an excuse to go fishing.. errr.. I mean go to the coast so I can see him and give it to him in person!

Long trip out to MHC, long day fishing, long ride home to Charlotte but man o man was it worth it!

Really looking forward to MAD events, yes plural! in 2008

For those interested, we will be hosting MAD events on June 7, 2008 at USCG Fort Macon, another Wounded Warrior trip (date TBD) and finally another large scale MAD event in the Fall at USCG OAK ISLAND (date and details TBD)! So if you ever wanted to participate in a MAD event, 2008 will be the year!

Randy thanks again for allowing us access to your boards in helping us get the word out. I hope you will be able to find your way to a MAD event and allow us to thank you in a proper way.

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Wow - that's was an super nice action by John. He's a great fisherman and a super guy. Hey somebody needs to invite him over to our board :) - we'd love to hear about his fishing trips here - he writes great reports!

Again thanks to all of you! This past year we got in on the MAD event late in the planning. I know Randy and I both want to be more involved this year as well as using this web site to help promote and recruit folks for the event!
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Midnight does some wonderful things for folks. He is an American Hero in my book..
Yes Sundrop John is, not only for what he does for others but I think he did a darn good job raising Big Country.
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