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Fished with Eric this morning. Put in before light and took the cool ride to a creek where Rabbit had found a hot bite earlier in the week. Water temp was 57 and it was cloudy. It didn't take long and the bite was on. Again today the Billy Bay shad was the hot ticket. Caught about a dozen very nice fish before 8 a.m. These big boys were not just hitting the Billy Bay but they were swallowing it whole. Eric was throwing the MR17 and the fish were knocking it around but hesitated to eat it. He actually caught a few foul hooked on the side of the gills.
We had to cut the trip short and get back home for other obligations so we left out and stopped at another spot on the way back to the ramp. We put 5 more over the side of the boat in just a few minutes. Total of 19 this morning and all were nice fish, never had to measure a fish today. We threw back several 18'" fish.

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Did a little surf fishing with the wife this weekend also. Lots of small black drum and mullet around.
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