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Wrightsville beach 4/26-27

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Saturday I put in at Wrightsville about 8 am and fished the whole falling tide. Trolling motored around and fished top water with no luck. Wind was blowing my little boat around pretty good so I went and found a spot out of the wind deep in a creek. Fished a known winter hole for a bit and fished some top water and every other few casts I would throw out another rod with a 3" gulp shrimp and got a hit on that. The fish did not wanna come to the boat and put up a great fight! Measured right at 27".
Sunday did the same thing with a friend and my itch for my first top water of the season was killing me. I fished only top water today and and my friend had his first one on before I could even get mine tied on. About 5 drum all chased the bait and finally one grabbed it in about 2 feet of water. Now I really had to get mine. About an hour later i finally got it! I must have threw it right in the drums mouth cuz it was on there as soon as I reeled it in. Not soon after a little further along a huge splash and a monster fish jumped fully out of the water and grabbed it! Broke me off as soon as the line got tight. This fish was no drum, it was a chopper blue and at least 10lbs! After that my friend had a few hits on gulp jerk shad but that was it for the day.

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Nice. I'll take one caught on top for ten caught on the bottom or with bait. I don't know why but top water hook ups are much more fun to me.
Sounds like you were blind casting??? That's even more fun than seeing them first.

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