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Wrightsville Beach

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Any one going to Wrightsville Beach, this weekend I will be at jhonny mercers pier or the other pier ( I dont remember the name). Does any one know if the fish are still hitting? Are the Kings still hitting? HELP.......Ed
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Kings have left the beach. Blues have been biting, VA Mullet, Specks and some Black drum. Not sure what effect this front coming through today and the cold behind it will do o the bite though.
The only pier left to fish on Wrightsville beach is Mercer's. The Crystal(Lumina ) Pier is there in form only. You can get a nice meal there and that over looks where the pier use to be. I love going there and read the old newspapers articles that they have on the wall.
Nope wont be goin to WB
Weathers not too good, think Marty's keep'n the boat close to home and I plan to hit the woods to at least get in a full day of deer huntin!

Good luck if you go... hopefully the weather will settle down if you do.
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