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WTB a used 10' - 12' SOT kayak. It doesn't have to be a fishing kayak but that would be nice. Something along the lines of a Wilderness Tarpon 100 is what I'm looking for. I need this for a spare and it must be able to handle class II river, lakes, and coastal marshes. I would consider a Pungo 100 sit-in but the price needs to be low. If you can throw in a paddle that would sweeten the deal.

My budget is $300 but if the boat is a gem I might be able to go a little higher. It's ok if the boat is used but not abused. I'm in Winston-Salem and don't mind driving 150 miles or so if it's a good deal.

I prefer not to publicly post my email or phone so please PM me here at NC Angler or respond to the ad with your contact info. I will need pictures of the boat.
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