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It has been a while since I have posted on here...I have been away at college and forgot my poles at home. I was home for about 6 days this past week for thanksgiving and fished some honey holes of mine without any luck. I'm blaming that on being rusty and not knowing what the fish are doing/wanting to eat since it has been so long! Went to Wylie yesterday 11/30 with anortnc7 for his birthday for a few hours from 3:30 - 6 pm to try and get something to bite. Spent the first hour and a half fishing for luck. Began to see some fish and arcs on the depth finder and thought hmmm lets drop a spoon down and see. We ended up finding a school or two of perch and crappie! Caught 7 perch and 2 crappie in about an hour before it was dark. Not a bad way to end the trip back home and a little bit of food to go along with it!
I enjoy reading all of your posts and seeing what you are catching! I am hoping to get out a lot more this December (I'll be back home around the 13th) and may travel a bit (Hickory, LKN, etc) to get on some fish with some of you!


Details- Fish were in 16-23 FOW. Water temps from 52-56. Silver kastmaster spoon. Lake Wylie. I'll be back soon :D

Thanks for Reading!
Tight Lines :)
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