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Quick report and thank you to finstalker, Raymond Wells, and Bobby for inviting me to do a float with them and getting me on a nice fish!

Met up around 8 and probably got on the water around 8:45 after shuttling cars and getting ready. Raymond started the day off with a chunky spot. He was using a speed craw so I quickly switched to one of my own.

I threw it into a laydown and wound up with a nice smallie! Big thanks to the guys for showing me how it's done!

Rodney picked up a good smallmouth of his own a while later on a spinner.

Unfortunately the fish all but disappeared once we got to about noon. Not only were they not hitting, but we went hours without any sign of one. They must have gone to hide in deeper water.

Raymond picked up another spot near the takeout, but the last few hours were pretty quiet otherwise.

Was still a really nice day out on the river. I did my first bonafide float in my yak and caught my first decent sized smallie. Ray, Rodney and Bobby were really nice guys and I highly recommend coming out there way and hitting the river with them sometime if you get the chance.

I only took a couple pictures, so if you guys took any more feel free to add them.

Definitely plan on doing this trip and others with them again once I'm out of school.


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