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I am sure most of you are familiar with Z-Mann. But for those that are not. I would highly recommend their line of super tough soft plastics. And the Chatter Bait series. The plastics seem pricey until you figure that amount of time you can fish with them before they tear up. They are also very high floating baits prefect for adaptation on finest baits including Ned Rigs.
As much as I like Z-Man the reason for writing here is to relay the excellent customer service I recently received from them. I got some baits while I was at Bay River that were not quite up to snuff. I wrote Z-Mann described the problem, and was told that those particular baits were discontinued years ago, and that it was possible that old age, may have been the problem. They are still sending replacements for these baits without any farther questions and absolutely no run-around.
I thought it was good service well worth mentioning here

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